SwimClub Terms & Conditions

  1. Your swimming place for each term is yours unless you tell us otherwise. If you will not be re-enrolling for a place the following term you must advise us BY HALF TERM so that you will not be billed unnecessarily. This should be done via: info@swimclub.fitness
  2. SwimClub can only take responsibility for children and young people in the water and on poolside. At all other times children remain the responsibility of their parents. Please note SwimClub does not accept any responsibility for the safety and well-being of any adult or child spectators whilst they are on site.
  3. Ensure that children and young people only change for swimming in the designated changing areas provided.
  4. Parents/Guardians must remain on the premises during children’s swimming lessons.
  5. Parents/Guardians must request permission and register with reception before taking any photographic images with a camera/mobile phone or video, as written permission must be given by parents of any child appearing in a photograph.
  6. Once your child is changed and ready for their lesson, please see the SwimClub Teacher who will be poolside to sign you in.
  7. Please arrive promptly for your lesson. The teacher may not allow your swimmer to join the lesson if they are more than 10 minutes late.
    • If your swimmer(s) are in Stage 1 & 2 we are very happy that you stay and watch but please refrain from walking up to them whilst in the lesson (unless the teacher asks you to). Please sit on the chairs and the area behind the white floor grate and not beside the pool itself. This is both distracting for the teachers and children and is a Health & Safety risk.
    • Stage 3+ parents are asked to bring their swimmers to their lesson and collect them at the end of the lesson. Viewing will be arranged once every half term. Parents should remain on the premises but not poolside unless advised to do so.
  8. Please do not allow your child to swim if they have an open wound, any infectious disease, cough, cold, ear infection, head lice or stomach upset.
  9. Please note that no outdoor shoes, food or drink should be taken onto poolside.
  10. Please ensure that swim hats are worn by all swimmers (except Ducklings).
  11. Please only use the shower either on poolside or in the Health Suite area.
  12. SwimClub teachers may support your child during swimming lessons to aid technique.
  13. Poolside photographs and under water photographs may be taken by SwimClub however consent will always be sought before any shots are taken.
  14. All lesson times are subject to change, however all participants will receive prior notice & where alternative lessons are offered no refunds will be given. SwimClub will not be at liberty to refund money or defer your class, in the event of your inability to attend some or all of the lessons.
  15. Should you cancel at any time prior to the week before the course begins we will refund you your money. Should you cancel in the week prior to your course commencing we will issue a refund minus £20 administration charge. We regret that once the course has commenced, regardless of circumstances, we cannot issue refunds or credits.
  16. Be careful moving around the pool as surfaces can be slippery. The Swimmer should not enter the water until told to do so.
  17. Never leave your child unattended at any time.